Hailing from beautiful St.Lucia Eddie Bellas is reminiscent of a island breeze spreading positive vibes where ever he goes.

“Let love be your meditation so that your Light can shine amongst Men. Love&Light!”

-Eddie Bellas

His songs are honest and therefore go straight to the soul with messages of Love&Light, peace and unity. His bold voice and unique sense of style turn heads while his music and lyrics turn hearts. Known around the community as the “youth with the guitar”, Eddie B.’s love of music precedes him and adds fuel to his stellar work ethic. After surviving a near death experience due to tragic accident, Eddie has emerged with a warriors spirit. Armed with a guitar his powerful voice, and the sobering insight of a man given a second chance.

Poet • Free spirit • Alchemist

Eddie Bellas creates music that’s intertwined in an intimate, passionate lovemaking of intentional words and soul stirring melodies.

Each component is intentionally composed to conjure up Divine principles of Love, Harmony and Joy. Allowing the listener to tap into an oasis of calm, in the midst of a chaotic world.

Strongly rooted in his rich Afro-Caribbean heritage, he weaves ancestral sounds such as tambu, calypso, and reggae, with the Soul of New York hip hop.

Anyone who listens to Eddie’s music regularly will feel like a tree planted along a riverbank, with roots that reach deep into the waters of the Divine.